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As I am getting older I have started using reading glasses.  I have a pair of reading glasses in my car, on my bed, or at any desk I may be sitting at.  Over the years I have done the same thing with my Bibles.  Looking upon my desk I have three KJV Bibles including the one on my phone.  That does not include the five or more on my bookshelf, the one on my pulpit, the one in my vehicle, the one in my office, or the two or three I have at home.

Each one of us are so blessed to have a tangible copy of the Word of God and usually multiple copies.  So much so that we are often casual with our copy.  We toss it on the seat or dash as we get in our car after church, drop it on the coffee table or counter when we get home, or maybe we don't even pick it up off our bookshelf.  What if we didn't have a copy?  How precious would just a few pages be? How dear would we hold it to our chest and read it carefully?

Dr. Don Smith and his wife Pat are missionaires striving to get the Bible into the hands of those that don't have even a single copy of God's Word.  They do this through the ministry of BEAMS.  On this Sunday they will be sharing how you can have a part in this great ministry.