Proverbs 24:11
The Defense of the Defenseless
Simple, right?
Not so fast, along that path of destruction there would be throngs of people spitting on the accused, cursing the defendant, throwing stones at the convicted, and you would have to be willing to step in the midst of that angry mob and take his chastisement as well.  Nevertheless, it would be the right thing to do.
Verse 12 goes on to say, if you keep your peace,does not the one who ponders your heart and keeps your soul know it?  This innocent man will be put to death because you wouldn't do the right thing.
This brings to mind that each of us were on the path to destruction guilty and vile as we could be no hope within, but then our advocate stepped in front of that crowd and stretched out his arms and cried, "It is finished."  The crowd spat up on him, cursed him, and hit him, as he came to our defense and took our place.  He was not just our advocate before men but more importantly, He was our advocate with the father; the man Christ Jesus.