Have You Dipped Your Feet in Troubled Waters?

In the Gospel of John we hear of a man who was sitting by the pool of Bethesda waiting for an angel to trouble the waters, that he may dip his feet in the troubled waters and be free from his trials and pain. If he could just dip his feet in the troubled waters first he would be healed. For 38 years he tried to be first but no man would help him. Then Jesus came and he would never be the same. But wait, If he would never have been lame, if he would have been healed earlier, if he had not gone through these troubles he would never have met Jesus. How many of us just want our heartaches, trials, and troubles to just miraculously go away, never realizing that without the troubles we would never have met Jesus. Come meet Jesus with us at Grace Baptist Church. Just a group of people who have gone through some troubled waters but were never made whole until we met Jesus.