Aint Nothing but a Hill of Beans

Well, that aint worth nothing but a hill of beans!!! Would you fight, Hazard your life for a hill of beans?  Most of us would not, but that is exactly what one of David's might men did.  Shammah by name.  The Bible tells us, in II Samuel 23:11 that the Philistines had taken a ground of lentils, "A Hill of Beans." And Shammah valiantly guarded that “hill of beans.”

The Lord wrought a great victory and gave Shammah the victory that day. But, that was just preparing Shammah for a greater vision. You see, one day David and his mighty men were holed up in a cave, and David said, “Oh, that I might have a drink of water from the well at Bethlehem.”  Shammah and two other of his mighty men heard this and they fought their way through the garrison of the Philistines all the way down to the well in Bethlehem, and brought back that drink of water.

Oh, that pleased David so much, but he in humbleness and humility poured it out, praising Shammah, for what they had done. But, most of all God was pleased because Shammah had learned that he could fight for the cause of Christ.  “Aint Nothing but a Hill of Beans.”  But, what is that Hill of Beans preparing you for?