Not My Fault

Hey y'all out there! Do you know someone who doesn't like to take responsibility for their own actions and their own faults? Or maybe even sometimes that someone is you. Well, let me tell you, you're in good company. I was reading in my devotions in Deuteronomy where Moses told the children of Israel that it was their fault that he was not going to be able to enter into the Promised Land. Now, I sorta remember back in Numbers that God told Moses that he wasn't going to be able to enter into the Promised Land because he disobeyed God, because he smote the rock twice instead of speaking to it. But you know what?  It's human nature to cast off blame. But let's step up and be men and women of integrity and take responsibility for our own actions and our own faults and our own sins, and let's look to God to give us strength and trust him in his judgement.